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A full-service accounting firm based in Orlando, Florida, Baldwin Accounting CPA has been in business for over 22 years and offers a convenient mix of on-site and online financial services to meet the needs of individuals, small and medium-size business as well as international clients.

When you put your accounting needs in our hands, we keep you on solid financial ground.

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Individual Services

Whether you’re looking to file your tax return, put your financial goals in action, or plan your estate, Baldwin Accounting CPA knows tax law and how to apply it in your favor. Unlike seasonal tax services, we work with taxes and financial reports all year long, so we can offer you commitment and in-depth knowledge in addition to basic services.

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Business Services

With a package of available services that includes tax preparation, audits, short and long term business planning, virtual bookkeeping and oversight services and more, we help support your company's financial needs. We can provide all or part of your accounting services at your place of business or on the web so that your financial records are always in order.

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International Services

In an increasingly small world, Baldwin bridges the gap between nations by offering a range of international tax and accounting services. Performed in line with international standards, our work assures the financial integrity of international real estate transactions, multinational business dealings, and business and individual tax preparation.

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