At Baldwin Accounting we provide top level customer service while creating a work environment that is pleasant and interactive where we take great pride in the quality of our work.  Our team members work closely together and help each other grow.  We work well as a team and staff appropriately to ensure a very good work life balance.  Our team members have the ability to move up quickly if they would like and others go at their own pace.  The choice is yours.  Work life balance and quality of life is important to the firm.

We offer positions for people that want to work in the office for  collaboration and efficiency, but also for people that want to work from home or any location in the world.

Work Environment

We promote an open office atmosphere and no office politics. Communications between employees, clients and owner are open, direct and honest.  All staff members are encouraged to voice their opinions and to be able to make a difference at the firm.  New ideas are always encouraged.  New staff members are brought into the team with training and encouragement.


The sky is the limit.  If you want to grow a segment of the firm and adhere to firm guidelines, you can take yourself and the firm to the next level.  If you like to do a job and simply do that job, you have that option as well.  You make the choice.


Baldwin Accounting runs in a paperless environment.  All staff members have 2 to 3 computer screens at their desk.  This makes for a very efficient set up. All electronic documents are easily organized and easy to find.

We have a very strong project management system so that all team members know what they are working on now and in the future.  We have spent years developing a system that really helps our staff to know what our clients need and to efficiently process the workflow with very little training.

Our Computer systems run on high speed servers to help our team members and to avoid frustration by having to wait for the computers to process.


We celebrate our accomplishments with company outings after tax season. We close down the day after April 15th and October 15th.  We have taken boating trips and traveled to other cities as a group.

Continuing Education

We take education seriously and cover the costs of all relevant continuing education and also allow travel for that purpose.

Employee Benefits

At Baldwin Accounting CPA, we provide you with excellent compensation in return for your contributions to one of the fastest growing Orlando Accounting Firms.  You will enjoy a generous comprehensive benefits package including medical coverage, plans for securing your financial future and ways to balance your work and personal life.

Managing Your Health

You have a choice of two medical care options to protect you and your family from high costs to major illness and injury.  Baldwin Accounting CPA pays the major portion of the cost for your Health Care coverage and you contribute through pre-tax payroll deductions for dental & family members.  Each plan includes:

  • Hospital care
  • Surgery
  • Doctor’s office visits
  • Prescription drugs
  • Mental health and substance abuse treatment

Retirement Benefits

Accumulate savings for your future and your retirement years by saving up to $12,500 of your pay on a pre-tax basis.  Contributions are dedicated from your pay.  Baldwin Accounting CPA matches 3% of your salary.  You are vested immediately for the full amount in our account, including company matching contributions.

Taking Care of Yourself and Your Family

Baldwin Accounting CPA understands how challenging it is to juggle work and personal life.  The company provides benefits that help you balance your professional and personal obligations, including paid time off and family care programs, including:

  • Vacation
  • Holidays
  • Sick/Emergency Days
  • Comp Time

Baldwin Accounting CPA is an equal opportunity employer.


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