Business Plans

Get off on the right foot and stay on track with a customized business plan and strategy.

iStock_000007603807SmallIn business, the best way to fail is to lack formalized goals, coordinated with the strategies to reach them. Even if you fail to meet goals, you have a better chance of getting back on track if you have set them in the first place. Surprisingly, many businesses lack a clear direction and strategy.

At Baldwin Accounting CPA in Orlando, we believe that planning is the precursor to success, while your business plan is the road map of your enterprise. It shows you how to get to where you want to go! As a result, we place a lot in value in helping our clients come up with business plans. Our goal is to help you articulate your goals and then help you develop quantifiable steps to reach them.

Once a plan is in place, we work closely with you to implement and monitor the plan as the year unfolds. If your company has internal changes or varies from the plan due to business conditions, we can help you adapt and modify the plan. Just as your mobile GPS picks up changes if you alter the route, your revised plan will keep you on track through the year.

The plans we design will not only guide you, but help you measure your progress and plan for the future as well. Aside from the internal benefits, these plans are used to obtain financing, raise capital, or satisfy reporting requirements of governmental agencies.

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