Virtual Bookkeeping & Virtual Controller

Whether you want an occasional hand with your accounting and financial oversight needs, or you want to completely hand it over, we can help.

social network structureIn our increasingly paperless world, Baldwin Accounting CPA in Orlando now offers Virtual Bookkeeping and Virtual Controller service at the click of a mouse! Whether you need basic accounting services, more sophisticated oversight of these functions, or financial review and reporting, we can do it all. Best of all, with virtual services you don’t even need to be located in the Central Florida area to utilize our staff’s expertise.

Go Paperless, Reduce Costs And Improve Efficiency

With our Virtual Bookkeeping services, you can log into our secure online system and enter data or have full access to your real time accounting records at any time. We scan and electronically file your original documents to cut down on office clutter and reduce the need for document filing. At the end of the year, we provide you with a CD of all your accounting data. Because we are paperless and live online at all times, you get seamless accounting with fewer in-house personnel costs and without any duplication of effort.

Want to enhance your existing financial team or gain expertise you cannot afford to have on staff? Baldwin Accounting’s Virtual Controller service is designed for companies interested in obtaining financial oversight and structure without hiring staff. We will work with your existing staff to ensure that all required systems and procedures are properly established and implemented and that financial records are accurately maintained.

Even if you have in-house accounting staff, you can still benefit from our Virtual Controller service. You can free up staff time to focus more on the day-to-day financial and administrative processing functions and have the assurance of knowing that a second set of eyes is overseeing your financial records and reporting – all at an affordable, flat monthly fee.

Need it all? Baldwin Accounting can handle both your bookkeeping and your reporting functions. We work with you to build a plan that provides the level of support and expertise you need.

Here are some of the functions we typically perform with our Virtual Bookkeeping services:

Accounts Payable Account Administration: Once we receive you bills by fax, scan, or mail, we will enter all bills into our accounting system so you can monitor your accounts payable balances on a daily basis, and then pay them every week or twice monthly. We will also keep track of your credit card balances and bank account balances. You will always know what you have and what you owe.

Accounts Receivable Account Administration: We will enter customer invoices, process payments, and even contact customers on overdue accounts (soft collection). You will always know how much is outstanding.

Bank Account Administration: We can record transactions as they occur, monitor your bank accounts daily, and reconcile them at the end of the month. Many clients even give us signing power on check disbursements.

Payroll Administration: We will transmit payroll information to a 3rd party payroll administrator, or we work with your payroll services provider, enter payroll information into an accounting file, compute applicable commissions due, and review payroll entries.

The Virtual Controller services we provide vary from client to client depending on needs, but typically include:

Accounts Payable Oversight: We will verify that your general ledger is up to date, make sure that you’re making the most of vendor payment terms to maximize cash flow, advise on how to negotiate favorable settlements on long outstanding payables, and periodically analyze vendors to ensure the company is paying competitive prices for goods and services.

Accounts Receivable Oversight: We will review your invoicing procedures and recommend ways to accelerate collections and analyze aged accounts receivable to identify collection issues at the early stages.

Financial Review & Reporting: We will review balance sheet accounts, income statement accounts, and the general ledger to provide periodic reports to management to aid in decision-making. In addition, we will communicate with the company personnel regularly to address issues that affect the books and records of the company and help you develop business plans, budgets, and best practices.

Call Baldwin Accounting at (407) 363-0890 to find out how our Virtual Bookkeeping or Virtual Controller services can benefits your company.