Beware of Scammers During the COVID-19 Crisis

As part of the efforts to contain the COVID-19 outbreak, the elderly, especially those over the age of 80 who are most susceptible the dangers of the virus, have been asked to self-isolate themselves. At the same time, the public has been asked to assist family, friends and neighbors who can’t do their own their grocery shopping, pick up medication, or need other assistance.

90-Day Delay for Tax Payment Deadlines

On Tuesday, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin announced that the deadline for US taxpayers to pay income taxes for 2019 will be pushed back by 90 days in an effort to soften the financial fallout from the coronavirus outbreak. The reprieve applies for up to $1 million in taxes owed, and would cover many pass-through entities and small businesses, he said.

Do I Have to File a Tax Return?

This is a question many taxpayers ask during this time of year, and the question is far more complicated than people believe. To fully understand, we need to consider that there are times when individuals are REQUIRED to file a tax return, and then there are times when it is to the individuals’ BENEFIT to file a return even if they are not required to file.

Reminder: Form 1099-MISC Due Date – January 31, 2020

If your business engages the services of an individual (independent contractor), other than one who meets the definition of an employee, and you pay him or her $600 or more for the calendar year, then you are required to issue that person a Form 1099-MISC to avoid penalties and the prospect of losing the deduction for his or her labor and expenses in an audit. Payments to independent contractors are referred to as non-employee compensation (NEC).

Last Minute Tax Changes Passed by Congress

At the last minute, Congress passed a large number of tax changes, including retirement plan issues that will become effective in 2020, as well as extensions through 2020 of a number of tax provisions that had expired or were about to end.  The list of changes is quite large, so we have only included those that are most likely to affect individual tax returns.  The following is a run-down on some of the new tax provisions: